Bad Ash Personal Training & Nutrition

Bad Ash Personal Training & Nutrition

15 Day Weight Loss Challenge

It’s Monday morning…

Time to start that diet and exercise program. Again. So you drag yourself to the gym. Again. And after that, you drag yourself to your diet meeting. Again. And, back home to plan your meals for the week.

You’ve tried every diet on the planet. You’re the person in the Zumba class bumping into everyone. You’ve left a yoga class because the Downward Dog left you depressed. Crossfit scares you. You want to exercise and eat right. But, you just can’t find one thing that works for you.

It’s no wonder you’ve stopped and started your health plan so often. It’s practically a full time job, and is more discouraging than inspiring.

If only there were one centralized location where you could work out with a trainer, meet one-on-one with a health coach, and leave with a personalized nutrition plan for the week. A place that would be the Google of fitness.. with the latest technology and equipment. A fun, interactive environment that INSPIRES you to health. With other people just like you who don’t follow the mainstream Pilates and Goji berry crowd… A place to call your own.

There IS such a place.


BAD ASH Personal Training and Nutrition is the place to go for whole health coaching. The founders of BAD ASH understand the challenges of their clients. Not only do they have the education and experience, but they’ve lost the weight themselves. One of the co-founders lost more than 150 pounds and has dedicated herself to helping others do the same.

We offer integrated weight loss challenges, meal planning, and cardio plans. We are experts at breaking weight loss plateaus.

Join us, and get in on the ground floor of what is poised to become the fitness trend of the future…

whole health fitness under one roof.

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