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Welcome to Bad Ash Training

Ashley Morgan
Where are we?
The BAD ASH Personal Training studio is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We pride ourselves in being the best personal training studio in the Inland Empire, due to our holistic approach and long term strategies to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.
7201 Archibald Ave Suite 1 Rancho Cucamonga 91730
How we can help you
BAD ASH Training is dedicated to supporting people of all fitness levels, particularly if you need help and guidance to make regular fitness part of your everyday life.  At BAD ASH, we believe that true beauty is confidence and true fitness is having the strength and energy to do whatever you want to do.  We will support you wholeheartedly in reaching your ultimate fitness and weight loss goal.
Come to our FREE BAD ASH BOOTCAMP every Saturday from 10am-11am! You can expect to burn 500+ calories and have FUN in the process! CALL 909 477 7608 TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT                           
The Best Whey Protein Powder


About SLAP NUTRITION, LLC (SLAP NUTRITIONIt started with a bet and ended... well it really hasn’t ended... it’s just getting started. One day, Jason (our President) walked into Joshua's (our CEO) office and mentioned he had enough; he was going to start working out, eating healthy, and lose some weight. Joshua laughed at him and threw a stapler at his head. But since Joshua needed to lose a “few” lbs. himself, they challenged each other to a competition; and 3 months later... Joshua had his ass handed to him.

*(No staplers were injured during the making of this office challenge)

Fast forward 12 months- Total combined weight loss of over 45 lbs., both less than 12% body fat, and amazingly, now there are only two chins amongst the two gentlemen. All was good in the world. But alas, there was something missing. Both guys couldn’t find a protein company that related to them; enough of the chemical blends, ingredients they couldn’t pronounce, ridiculous tech names, and absurd flashy labels. They needed something old school, simple, honest, and most importantly, something clean. They couldn’t find it, so they created it. 

Which brings us to today, the creation of SLAP NUTRITION, LLC. Created by folks who wanted to stop getting slapped around by the nutrition industry and start slapping back for the little guy.

So here we are……Not taking ourselves too seriously, having fun, and Slapping the Nutrition Industry One WHEY or Another (TM)

"This is the only protein powder I use. It's clean, effective, and it tastes great" 
Ashley Morgan
Vision and Mission Statement
 Our BAD ASH Vision
Our goal is to help reduce obesity and increase fitness in the Inland Empire and beyond, starting with our clients.  We want our holistic personal training and fitness techniques to contribute to building a community of health, happiness, and bad assery
Our BAD ASH Mission Statement
We will work with you, helping you achieve your peak fitness so you are living the BAD ASS life you are meant to enjoy in the BAD ASH body you are meant to have.
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Bad Ash Training - 7201 Archibald Ave., Suite 1, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 - Ashley Morgan is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
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